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Shopkins Season 2 Review And Giveaway

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I love Shopkins! SO MUCH! I did a review on video so you can check out some of the new items that just released – including the Fluffy Babies!! After you watch the video, enter my contest below. I’m giving away a Shopkins 2 pack to one of my readers.

Don’t you love all the new Shopkins that came out?! Ok – enter to win a new pack below!!

Shopkins Season 2 Prize Pack


Toy Review: Beados Quick Dry Design Station

Beados Quick Dry Design Station: Fun Design Toy For Kids

My friend came over so we could test out the Beados Quick Dry Design Station. I’ve been wanting to try this out forever! We had a lot of fun making little designs. You can make anything you want including ice cream sundaes, fish, dogs and cats.

Beados Quick Dry Design Station: Fun Design Toy For Kids

You can follow a template or you can create your own. We did both.

Beados Quick Dry Design Station: Fun Design Toy For Kids

When you are done, you can use the drying station to dry your creation. It takes about 10 minutes. I LOVE it! Every single time a friend comes over, we always pull out the Beados Quick Dry Design Station. Have you tried this yet?


Introducing The Amazing Zhus: Magical House Party For Friends #TheAmazingZhus



The Amazing Zhus are very fun!They are cute little mice that do tricks. One of my favorite tricks they do is off of a high dive into a pool. It’s like a well..little circus. I had some friends over to test out the Amazing Zhus and my mom made a video. Check it out.

So, as you can see, the mice can dance and sing and find hidden peas under shells too! WOW! I am really amazed by these little creatures. I guess that’s why they call them The Amazing Zhus!

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Meet My New Pet: FurReal Friends GoGo


I’ve been playing around with the FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet this week and my little brother is so confused! He thinks she is a real dog!

OMG – she is so cute just like my real pets. I can take her for a walk and feed her with a GoGo app. I’m downloading it right now. I know there’s going to be so many more things to do online.

The FurReal Friends GoGo can wag her tail, shake her head, sit and bark. All while listening to my commands.

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Go Go is the best dog ever! But WAIT! Before you get this gift you have to do one thing –



Make sure you have Duracell batteries to make her go!

* company sent sample

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Having Fun With The New VTech InnoTab MAX

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The InnoTab MAX from VTech is very fun.i love all the games like TOKA LAB,E-BOOK and more!!!!!!!I think ALL OF YOU GUYS  SHOULD GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My brother from Boy And The Blog  loves it too . There’s so many things to do as soon as you turn it on – like the drawing app,Toka lab,E-book, and my magic bean stalk! Lots of fun. The InnoTab MAX helps me study my math too!!!!!


I seriously love the InnoTab Max from v-tec!!!!!!! Going to play it right now. LOL

* company sent sample for review