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A Review Of The Peanuts Movie #PeanutsMovie



Hey guys, last week I went to the city with my mom, her friend Jennifer and her kids. We saw The Peanuts Movie before it was out!!!! Before the screening, we went to the Children’s Museum of Arts and made Snoopy clay projects, learned how to draw Snoopy in 4 different ways and even got to animate movies.


Poor Charlie brown! He was picked on and could not fly a kite. A new girl came into town and he really liked her. During school, the kids had to take a test and he handed his paper in without signing in. When he wrote his name on  the paper, he wrote it on the wrong paper! He wrote it on Peppermint Patties’ test. Turns out she got a 100 and no one ever got a 100 on that test. He became kind-of famous in a way. They put on an assembly for him and wanted to give him an award but when they had the assembly he realized that it wasn’t his test. So, instead of lying, he told everyone



There was also a talent show and when his sister was going she was kind of getting bullied and laughed at so Charlie Brown helped his sister by acting like a cow during her rodeo act. He lost and didn’t get to preform but he helped his sister! What a nice guy!



When summer came, the kids had to pick pen-pals and no one wanted to be Charlie Brown’s partner but the new girl said she would be. That made him blush. She had to go to summer camp but Charlie wanted to know why she picked him. At the end of the movie, he wanted to tell the new girl that he liked her and he started running to her. While he was going, he accidentally started to fly a kite. Everyone was gathered around when he flew a kite! They were so happy for him.  He caught the bus and asked the new girl why she chose him and she said because he was a good guy. Charlie Brown was a really good guy.